By donating you will receive many exclusive features, while helping the server to stay lag-free and up 24/7. Your donation will also help us in getting extra RAM for more player slots and more plugins, which will improve the game-play experience.Thanks for supporting the server!

Thanks for supporting the server!

If you have questions regarding donations, please email us at [email protected]

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Why donate?

This is a great question. The answer is three-fold. It helps mitigate the cost of running a high end server 24/7 and when people invest real currency, they are MUCH less likely to grief and abuse their tools. Thus, we can entrust them with many more tools. Another aspect to remember is that every one of these tools cost server resources.

Donate your time :)

Here is a list of things you can do to help out the server without paying a dime. We would be extremely grateful.

  • Spread the word of this awesome server, invite your friends, tweet about it etc.
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Leave us a review on our Minecraft Forums thread ->here

And thanks <3

Once you donate, you get the same rank on all our other servers on the Techworld Server Network, including our GigaVoltz server! Note that the permissions for each rank vary for each server.

Credit Donations

You can also receive Credits instead as a reward for your generosity. These Credits only apply to the Techworld server.
Credits Donation Amount ($) $ per 100 Credits Donate now
1,000 5.00 0.50 Add to cart
5,000 20.00 0.40 Add to cart
10,000 35.00 0.35 Add to cart

Recent Donations


  • Member
  • Build on the server
  • Member Rank
  • Set 1 homes
  • FREE
  • Apply
  • VIP
  • Build on the server
  • VIP Rank
  • Reserved Slot
  • No TP Cooldown
  • Set 3 homes
  • Teleport to coordinates
  • Teleport Back
  • Access to /ci
  • Use /tpa for 0 Credits
  • $5/Month
  • Add to cart
  • VIP+
  • Build on the server
  • VIP+ Rank
  • Reserved Slot
  • Custom Name Colour
  • No TP Cooldown
  • Set 3 homes
  • Teleport to coordinates
  • Teleport Back
  • Access to /ci
  • Use /tpa for 0 Credits
  • ComputerCraft Access*
  • TP Compass
  • Acccess to /stack
  • $10/Month
  • Add to cart

Donating for ranks is not recurring. No need to cancel at the end of the month!

* Access to Computer Craft is only granted after a short written test is completed successfully, in order to avoid accidents where players have no idea what they're doing with their code, causing memory leaks and lagging the server.

Manual PayPal method

Another way to help the server is the manual paypal method, that should only be used by Elites who wish to support the server even more or people who just want to donate and want to feel that warm fuzzy feeling in their stomach :).

Click on the Donate button below and include with the donation: Minecraft IGN:

This disclaimer may be changed at anytime, without notice.

Donations are considered GIFTS and ARE NOT CONSIDERED A PURCHASE. You do not have a RIGHT to VIP, VIP+ or Elite even if you have purchased it.

Donations are NON-REFUNDABLE.

In the event that any VIP, VIP+ or Elite is banned from the server, no refund will be given. VIPs, VIP+s and Elites MUST follow all the same rules as normal players. A donor who breaks the rules will suffer the same consequences as any other player. You will not receive special treatment.

Lifetime is defined as the life of the server and any other servers we may create. In the event of a transfer of ownership change, the continuation of your lifetime account will be at the discretion of any and all new owners. At this time there are no intentions of transferring ownership of the server. In the event that the server stops without ownershup transfer, VIP, VIP+ and Elite accounts will be discontinued. Since your donation is a GIFT we will not be able to refund your money.

Monthly donator status will start on the exact day an account is granted donator status, and end exactly thirty (30) days after the donation. Sometimes your account may go several hours or days past the 30 day mark, but it will NEVER be discontinued prematurely, so long as the server continues running.

Donations via eCheque will not allow you to receveive your reward instantly take 6-8 days to process. Even for the "Instant Building Rights" package.

Custom name colours for VIP+s and Elites are limited to those listed here: Available Colours

Credit Donations made 2 weeks before a server reset may be carried over to the new map. Credit donations before 2 weeks before the server wipe are lost. Ranks, however, do carry on.

Donation perks may change at any time. They are not guaranteed. We will always strive to provide our donators with a good collection of perks, but unforseen issues such as plugins becoming inactive is out of our control.

Opening a chargeback or other dispute will get you banned and your server account deleted without notification on your behalf. It will also get you banned from all other major servers, part of a server network to stop frauds.

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